Doing What is Right

    I am deeply touched by the words of Dr. M.L.King, Jr. who said:"the time is always right to do right." It has been several weeks since I wrote something on my blog.  I have just completed eight weeks of physical therapy following rotator cuff surgery in late November.  I have three more months ahead of me before I can return to the tennis courts.  The tragedy in Tucson, AZ stopped me in my tracks.  I am numbed by the six deaths of innocent people, including a 9 year old child. The demonstrations and protests in Egypt are vivid reminders of the demonstrations and protests in the U.S. during the civil rights movement led by Dr. M.L.King, Jr.  For the demonstrators the time is right to do right and their momentum has carried them forward. Freedom and change are on the way for Egypt.
    I am always amazed at our capacity to mourn.  I watched people from all around the world expressing their sorrow following the Tucson tragedy.  Our mourning went on for days as we tried to understand what went wrong.  Tearful testimonies were the order of our days and even now, some of us have not gotten over our grief. Yet, legislation to remove guns off of the streets is no closer now than it was before the murders in Tucson.  The time is always right to do what is right except we find it difficult to do what is right with regard to hand gun legislation.  What will it take to turn our mourning into action?  How long will it take us to acknowledge the devastation caused by guns? What will it take for America to "take time to do what is right" with regard to gun control legislation? 
   I am trying my best to include in my prayers the young man accused of killing those innocent people in Arizona.  Dr. King's words keep returning as I retreat to my quiet place for restoration and prayer.  I taste my own tears each time I see the beautiful face of nine year old Christine who died in the senseless Tucson tragedy.  I suspect many of you struggle as I do?  I find myself overwhelmed by the presence of so much violence all around me.  I try to understand the words of Scripture "weeping may endure for the night but in the morning comes joy." I am waiting for morning to come. I am waiting for all of us to "do right" by speaking out against the people whose political aspirations are more important than speaking out and doing what is right. Anger and frustration over almost anything these days make it difficult to do what is right.  Anger makes it difficult for us to "wait for the joy Scripture tells us :comes in the morning." I want to believe "joy is coming in the morning."
    It seems clear to me were I to take to my heart the words of Dr. King and Jeremiah I just might surprise myself.  I find comfort in the words of the old spiritual "its me, its me, its me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer."  I am also challenged by the song's words.  I know I can be better!  I know "trouble don't last always'." If my grandparents were able to "walk and not be weary" in the midst of slavery in America why can't I?  If my grandparents learned to make a way out of no way while at the same time kept their "minds stayed on Jesus" why can't I?  If my grandparents took to their heart Dr. King's words "the time is always right to do right" and they went about doing the right things, why can't I? I am where I am today because of the sacrifices made by my parents and grandparents. Your grandparents and mine made sacrifices in their life time which has enabled all of us to be where we are today.  They never stopped trying to make our world a better place to live.  Why can't we?
    The protests in Egypt should be a vivid reminder to all of us that we can be the change we are seeking.  "Injustice any where is a threat to justice everywhere." If the time is always right to do right, what am I waiting for?  What are you waiting for?  Its morning time and your joy and mine is waiting on us. "Done made my vow to the Lord and I never will turn back, I will go I shall go to see what the end will be."   Won't you come along with me?

 Dr. Paul

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  • 2/9/2011 10:05 PM Elizabeth wrote:
    Inspiring, as always, Dr. Paul. Thank you. Do you have any concrete suggestions about what we can do to be the change we are seeking?
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  • 2/15/2011 10:08 AM Holly wrote:
    Dr. Paul,

    Thank you for coming to speak at Sojourners Church of Christ in Charlottesville, VA. I was incredibly moved (and fired up!) by your sermon. I'm happy to see that you maintain a blog so that I may be able to keep up with your message. Take good care.

    Very kind regards,
    Holly Duke
    Charlottesville VA
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